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The lunar with its modern design and compact dimensions is suitable for the most demanding installations. The lunar incorporates a square tube of 40 x 40 mm, twin cable arms and a 4” wide front bar ensuring a perfect functioning of the awning. The angle of the lunar is adjustable from 0” to 52”, the maximum projection is 12’ and all the nuts and bolts are of stainless steel, which is rust free for a long time.

Rain Hood
These Rain hoods have the cut and bent of specific contour for efficient drainage of rainwater and protect the lunar from adverse weather condition.

Nose –Fork Assembly
This is a Gravity die cast aluminum component with the important function of connecting the arm to the front bar with a self adjusting swivel movement keeping the awning balanced during opening and retraction of the awning and it is powder coated in standard color.

Lunar Arm
The lunar arm consists of slender extruded aluminum profiles as well as high strength joints of gravity cast aluminum. All joint parts and profiles are chromatized and made with Grade 3. Spring steel wire located in the rear of the arm give it a long lasting tension force.

Torsion Stiff Front Bar
The torsion stiff front bar forms a harmonious optical unit with the arm due to its interesting profiling and ensures the wrinkle free tension of the awning fabric. A third groove on the rear topside is designed to hold the fabric.

Shoulder Bracket / Gear Box / Side Plate
The shoulder bracket for the 40mm square tube consists of high strength gravity die cast aluminum parts. The angle of inclination varies by changing the positioning of the adjustment bolts. The bolts are rust proof stainless steel. The gearbox is housed in an aluminum casting and is extremely smooth in functioning because of a combination of hardened and tempered worm and gear, Ball bearing and thrust bearings. The side plate and all bolts are covered with elegant plastic caps to enhance the compactness of the awning.

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